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Anybody have all 5 speakers (front l+r,rear l+r and woofer) working? Currently only the front two (front l+r) are working. I'm running a fresh install of 12.10. Headphones work fine though. Doesn't matter which program is producing audio either.

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The subwoofer and rear speakers are not detected in Debian. You need to correctly assign the pins using hdajackretask. To install hdajackretask execute following command in terminal

sudo apt-get install alsa-tools-gui

now run the hdajackretask using terminal. A window will open with many options. Select the proper "Codec" and check the "Show unconnected pins" and now change the pins accordingly.

0x0D -> Internal Speaker

0x0F -> Internal Speaker (Back)

0x10 -> Internal Speaker (LFE) #This is the subwoofer

Now click on "Apply". To make the changes permanent, click on "Install boot override".

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