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My Fortran code outputs two columns of data to the screen in a terminal. When I copy that to a spreadsheet, it always gets entered as "text" format. Is there a way to convert it to data?

I've tried many ways, including first copying it to a file, then loading the file to the spreadsheet, which fails.

Thanks a lot.

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By data you probably mean "number"? Since it could be anything, like "date" or "location" or something, and since you do not provide any example of your data, I assume the following:

  1. your output looks something like this:

    10 10.1

    20 20.0

    30 3000.

    40 4e1

  2. You want to have it formatted as a two columns of numbers that you can e.g. sum up in the spreadsheet.

One solution could be this:

  • Save the output in a file (e.g. by running your program with like this: myprogram >> mydatafile.txt
  • Open the file with libreoffice (or openoffice). This should look like the following:

LibreOffice import dialog

Take care to select the correct separator (whatever is between your columns, here it is a space, but your program could write commas between the numbers...).

  • Click on "OK" to import.
  • Now your spreadsheet should look like this:

Imported data

  • And you can use summation over the cells:

enter image description here

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Upvoted. Nice answer. – Peachy Oct 26 '12 at 14:42

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