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I have an Optimus graphic card and had the blank screen issue after installing Nvidia drivers.

I think I installed Bumblebee drivers correctly and everything is running correctly. But, in the Graphics category of System Details, it says graphic driver Unknown.


  1. Was bumblebee installed correctly and do I now have power management working in my laptop?

  2. Is Nvidia now the primary graphic card (the laptop also has Intel mobility)?

  3. And if not, if I want to run apps with it, I just have to write optirun in the terminal?

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  1. To see the correct driver in System Details you have to install mesa-utils just run this command in terminal:

    sudo apt-get install mesa-utils

  2. To verify if Bumblebee is correctly installed you have to type this command:

    optirun --status

You should see sth like that:

`Bumblebee status:  Ready (3.0.1). X inactive. Discrete video card is off.`
  1. No, Intel is primary card. To run something with NVIDIA you have to type the following command

    optirun [application]

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