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My favourite ps invocation is:

ps -efww ef

as I need to watch all processes (-e), get extended information about them (-f), see the environment (e) they operate within, wrapping lines (-w -w) so I don't lose any part of that, and visually group (f) child processes under their parents, for an at-a-glance overview.

I have "wasted" the whole morning trying to get any thread information to appear as well, following the same visualisation logic above. I must have tried 40 different combinations of options. (Actually, I just checked my .bash_history and I have tried more!). Combinations included swapping f and -H for forest display, for instance. Sometimes I even tried permutations to check insidious "orderings"...

None of the threading options seem to be compatible with my "monitoring screen" setup. I am talking about H, -L, m, -m and -T.

I am baffled. Am I doing it wrong? How are you guys doing it?

Specifically: I need to watch for processes like download managers who go funky with 30 to 80 threads all of a sudden...

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