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My recently-upgraded Lenovo Thinkpad T420 is running Ubuntu 12.10 mostly fine. However, I've noticed that on wake from sleep, the gnome-power-manager applet that shows battery status fails to update.

There are a few complicating factors here:

  • I am using a Bluetooth mouse, whose battery shows in the power manager applet when connected (and reads "Not Present" when it is disconnected)
  • When I wake the computer and try to use the mouse again, the system reports "A Problem" that it wants to report. The detailed report simply indicates that upowerd has crashed.

After upowerd crashes, the Bluetooth mouse doesn't work. Additionally, the system stops reporting battery status. Shown below is the battery applet menu, reporting the mouse as not present (because it is powered off) and the laptop battery as 1:32 to charge, even though the laptop battery is fully charged.

The battery menu showing the mouse battery followed by the laptop battery

The final problem seems to be that the system will not suspend when I close the laptop lid; I must tell it to suspend explicitly.

How can I fix upowerd? I don't want to have to downgrade to 12.04, but at this rate the system is unusable, since I have no idea how much battery power is left.

EDIT: I reproduced the problem to get a dmesg output. I logged in, turned on the mouse, and it worked. I closed and then opened the laptop lid, and the mouse was unresponsive; I reset the mouse, but it did not reconnect. This indicates the problem, so I looked at dmesg, which showed:

[   47.682829] power_supply hid-00:02:76:32:33:9C-battery: >driver failed to report `capacity' property: -5
[   52.674019] power_supply hid-00:02:76:32:33:9C-battery: >driver failed to report `capacity' property: -5
[   53.663261] hid-generic 0005:17EF:6002.0002: >unknown main item tag 0x0
[   53.677893] input: ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4:1.0/bluetooth/hci0/hci0:11/input15
[   53.678081] hid-generic 0005:17EF:6002.0002: >input,hidraw0: BLUETOOTH HID v2.45 Mouse [ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse] on 7C:E9:D3:BC:17:AB
[   53.743138] do_trap: 54 callbacks suppressed
[   53.743141] upowerd[1883] trap int3 ip:7fa6657d3c7f sp:7fff45190b70 error:0
[   95.418673] power_supply hid-00:02:76:32:33:9C-battery: >driver failed to report `capacity' property: -5
[  100.407340] power_supply hid-00:02:76:32:33:9C-battery: >driver failed to report `capacity' property: -5
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