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I just got Ubuntu and I am really really really a linux novice. I can't get the wireless to work?

I played around with it until I saw it says "wireless firmware missing" - Hardware address 00:14:A5:6A:17:C2.

On my laptop there is a button that looks like a little antenae that means the wireless is on. The funny thing is that this button does not seem to do anything right now - the light is not lit up and does not light up.

Any thoughts you have on getting this going are appreciated!

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Welcome to AskUbuntu! It would be helpful for anyone willing to help you if you could list your laptop brand and specifications in addition to your question. – Oyibo Oct 27 '12 at 14:54

Check 'System Settings' -> 'Additional Drivers' for a WiFi driver

The first place to start is to check if a wireless driver is available under "Additional Drivers" in the Ubuntu "System Settings". If it is, install it and see if that works.

If it still doesn't work after a reboot, connect the system using an ethernet/LAN cable and install all updates using "update manager" or "software updater". Reboot and try again.

Btw, which version of Ubuntu are you using? And which NIC card is it?

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If it's a Broadcom NIC, visit… – TomKat Oct 24 '12 at 5:44

If you are having trouble finding it on 12.10, you will have to check System Settings -> Software Sources and use the last tab for "Additional Drivers".

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