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I installed Lubuntu 12.10 PPC alt. install on my ibook g4, yaboot failed to install so I used the advice given in the PPC FAQ here, and I was able to boot to a black screen with and move the arrow but thats all, when trying to login by pressting ctrl+alt+f1 I kept getting "invalid" login. I reinstalled and yaboot failed again, except this time I am unable to boot even to a black screen and trying to login via pressing ctrl+alt+f1 still gives me an invalid login message despite the fact I know 100% I am correctly typing in my username and password.

EDIT: For some reason another reinstall went smoothly despite using the disc. I was able to login but had to use single user mode to reset my password as the invalid login error occurred again.

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Not sure what question you are asking so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to answer! The black screen is described on the known issues page

Are you installing to an external hard drive? Yaboot shouldn't fail to install on 12.10 because I submitted a patch, but you won't have an automatic boot into a usb/firewire drive. If yaboot really hasn't installed then something horribly has gone wrong, and this may possibly explain your failed login.

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