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i'm a newbie to linux os, i have recently installed the latest version of ubuntu 12.10 desktop 32bit on a hp-compaq d530 desktop pc, but after a restart login screen works fine, once logged in after 20/30secs i get a window prompt with the message " the application compiz has closed unexpectedly " i have send the report and after that i am stuck with just the wallpaper / screensaver. if any one can help me out would be grateful thanks

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GO to ADDITIONAL DRIVERS and load the proprietary driver for your system. You can select unity (2D) in the session box (on the loginscreen) just to be able to install and update your driver; then revert back to using the regular unity startup once your driver is installed and/or updated. If it's already installed and it offers a DEV version. Go with the DEV version as the stable version is not wokring for you.

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