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Concerning an updated custom ambiance theme: why is there no dark side bar when I click on a folder, like the home folder icon on the desktop, but the theme works as planned when I type nautilus in the terminal to open the home folder or when opening a folder up as root? Permissions issue perhaps?

Note: I am using Cinnamon instead of Unity and I noticed it uses the Nemo file manager instead of Nautilus and I suspected that it was causing me the grief. I uninstalled it and now am using Nautilus only as the file manager. I found this out when I typed: sudo killall nemo and the problem went away.

I'll see how this goes (and hopefully cinnamon doesn't care about it...)

Has anyone else had any issues with this?

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Nautilus became sluggish for me too (UB12.04), but no NEMO was running.

For me, removing and then reinstalling nautilus worked. Now it's lightning-fast.

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