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When I use dm-tool to lock the screen for userA, I can log in as userB and then use dm-tool to switch back to userA's session without having to enter a password. Is that the expected behavior? If not, how should I switch from A to B without leaving userA exposed?

userA$ dm-tool lock

--> Shows Greeter. Login as userB.

userB$ dm-tool switch-to-user userA

--> Expected this to go to greeter, but it goes right back to userA's session.

Do I have something mis-configured, or what?

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I've tried doing that and what I actually had is not exposed, but locked session of user A.

Say I'm logged in @ Vty/7 as user A and then when I do "dm-tool lock" it switches me to another Vty with new instance of X server and login window. But I can skip login into and easily go back to Vty/7 — pressing Ctrl_Alt_F7. When I do this, I see locked user A session, there's no doubt.

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