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I'm using the MediterraneanNight theme ( and the menu items in some context menus have the wrong background color. For example, when i'm in Eclipse, I select "Project" and the menu items are light gray and their background color is also light gray. How do i fix this?

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I would suggest adding screenshots to your question via the edit feature (or just add them in a comment and someone will later add it to your question). It's easier to grasp for other users. – LiveWireBT Oct 25 '12 at 4:06

I came across the same issue, but I couldn't find any real solution (how could there be any, if simply the theme doesn't support Eclipse, and Eclipse doesn't support the theme), so I simply searched for a dark theme for Eclipse, and found one looking good named Dark Juno.

You can find the theme, and installation instructions on GitHub:

The readme includes rough instructions for setting a dark editor colour scheme as well. I hope it helps, the result satisfied me.

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