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I burned the image to a dvd and I get to the install screen but it doesn't ask me about installing beside windows. My only choices are to delete windows and loose everything or "Something Else".

Any suggestions?

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This may be because Windows has taken up all 4 primary partitions. See… – user68186 Oct 23 '12 at 15:20

While Installation choose "Something else" and setup your partitions manually:

and follow

check out tutorial on how to install dual boot system How to install Side by Side Boot on Windows XP

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Yes-go for this manuals

it s usefull cause by defalt ubuntu take all hard space you have but dedicated /home gives you an opportunity to reinstall ubuntu without having to delete files everytime

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This can happen sometimes and I also experienced it before. (I have a bad habit of reinstalling every 2-3 months). This happens because Ubuntu installer couldn't find a good way to give you an option for install beside Windows. But, that doesn't mean you can't install Ubuntu retaining Windows.

Select Something else and try using manual partitioning. I suggest to resize a big partition first to create some free space. And then creating two partition in that free space. Use one for / and another for swap space.

Take a look at these pages for more help.

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