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I really like to make PPTP VPN connection base on Ubuntu, (non-encrypted) but I do not know how to do this. I think I have to install ppp first but after that my main problem is on configurations.

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Here's a great tutorial that still works on Ubuntu 12.04 - I just used it on the latest LTS version. Do what is said there, and then change some options in /etc/ppp/pptpd-options:

# Encryption
# Debian: on systems with a kernel built with the package
# kernel-patch-mppe >= 2.4.2 and using ppp >= 2.4.2, ...
# {{{
# Require the peer to authenticate itself using MS-CHAPv2 [Microsoft
# Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol, Version 2] authentication.
# Require MPPE 128-bit encryption
# (note that MPPE requires the use of MSCHAP-V2 during authentication)
# }}}

There's a lot more options to configure pppd to your needs. Have a look at man pppd.

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Here is another tutorial, but specifically written for ubuntu. I was having trouble getting the other instructions working for gaming.

As mentioned in the other answer, comment out the lines requiring mschap or mppe and it will be un-encrypted. You can use tcpdump to see your plain text packets.

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