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I am trying to get Juju working in HPCloud; however, I can't figure out what is needed for the authorized-keys in the environment.yml file.

I already read this post How can I configure Juju for deployment on HP Cloud? and tried creating a public key from the private key from HPCloud management console. In addition, I tried creating the a public key and putting that information inside of the environment.yml file, but the status command is stating "server refused to accept connection."

Thanks in advance.

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It needs to be the exact output of your ~/.ssh/, here's mine as an example:

type: openstack
default-series: precise
authorized-keys: |
  ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCuzAhXssdiPaxQ9mEXd6VnRcqhkrJMgt0kQi8FmQgNbO0hKaGfEcdTYbCaA4V37iWwIXSosfkSZ4oglZvbz9dBs6zRC/sObVXGr5DCq58UY7W1LgEF+nSprAGZZs+lJTqs+KNnB8cnJ3Drs2peTNOnlCmCw4zbuAO2ftNuWzaVJRpX5IJae/lxr0B9fbtlQtEcWREUeJRHNi5koQO583TEg0ViyFV6MK+o3SM1FKeXxXaQ/94vJx8Of/CbUnBOyXOUG0p8FK3gyhlsbdsEdRXzYzQ5L1lES+44oujlMHN/+vVw0OMmeMGpnMx2NeFp/tN6y7nvoFjx+Wduzaiwl2RX jorge@lowgirl

Make note of the |, I think you need it.

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hmm.. I tried your suggestion; however, if I don't quote the string the parser has a problem parsing the file and if I quote the suggested output I have the same problem as I initially had. – Derrick Oct 23 '12 at 13:19

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