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I want to create unity web-app for my new website.So,is there any up to the mark tutorial.I've read Ubuntu's official tutorial on this topic but that is not even complete.I've developed the code but don't know how to package the code

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I found this This is quite nice but still dont know how to compile ".js" file I've created.I did "make" but that didn't do anything. :( – Rajat Saxena Oct 23 '12 at 18:44

Actually packaging a webapp isn't really different from packaging any other application. Take a look at resources in this answer and especially at existing integrations, e.g. LinkedIn, Feedly and (shameless plug) This Is My Jam.

Basically, you need debian/ directory with at least the following files (see the guide for details):

  • control with basic description for package manager (see example) Three keys are important for webapps in particular: XB-Ubuntu-Webapps-Includes, XB-Ubuntu-Webapps-Name and XB-Ubuntu-Webapps-Domain.
  • compat
  • copyright
  • install specifies which files should be installed where
  • rules
  • changelog specifies the resulting version of the package and must follow a very specific format; can be managed using e.g. dch command

You can generate these files using e.g. dh_make command or just copy the debian directory from other webapps project and change package names, filenames, and domains.

Once you have the files in place, you should be able to generate package using e.g. dpkg-buildpackage command (from the dpkg-dev package). The resulting package is generated in the parent directory.

If you are using version control such as Git or Bazaar, take a look at git-buildpackage or bzr-builddeb respectively (both available in Ubuntu repository). I've found especially the git dch command useful for maintaining the changelog. There's a nice HowTo on packaging with Git and uploading to PPA.

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I'd take a look at this link: seeing it's the official guide.

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Unfortunately there's no information on how to create a package for the webapp. Documentation covers only webapps APIs. – jnv Mar 24 '13 at 0:59

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