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I've been trying to reinstall all my purchased apps on a new machine, and I ran into a problem. Because of the size of them (about 10-12GB in total) and the fact that downloading them is painfully slow for whatever reason (at most 800kB/s), it takes a lot of time (not to mention USC crashing). And then, when I tried to leave them overnight, none of them were installed and everything was at the same spot I left it.

Is there anyway to install them via terminal? Like some kind of USC backend were I could just add the archives for apps listed as purchased and then install them via apt-get?

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Unfortunately, there isn't any way to install the purchased app via terminal yet. You must use the Ubuntu software center, because it must have to be passed through authentication and verification.

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Thank you. I was hoping there was some way to do those things via the command line, but I guess not yet (or possibly ever). – DoDoGo Oct 23 '12 at 13:22

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