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12.10 in my hp dv6t-6c00

I'm worried about the heat...

I followed some advice, and I think that I disabled ATI card, that improved the fan activity and reduced the temperature a little bit.

But now fan is starting and stopping all the time, according to the Jupiter applet, temp goes from 45 degrees to 58-59.... (without any load)

Should I worry? What can I do to solve this? What is the normal temp?

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Have you tried cleaning the fan ? – Suhaib Oct 23 '12 at 3:50

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According to the thermal and mechanical specifications of the Intel i5 Desktop Processor (Sorry, couldn't find mobile), in section 6.1.1, it defines max power temperature to have a safe ceiling of ~75C. I would consider your temps to be about average based on my experience with the i5 in a laptop, but if you're still concerned with the heat, I suggest buying a cooling pad or taking it to a computer shop to have high end thermal paste put on the chip and heat sink to optimize cooling.

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