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I recently purchased a new Toshiba laptop and a Logitech M510 cordless mouse. I am running Mint 13 on the laptop.

Initially (at least once) the mouse worked fine. Then it ceased to work. I've seached around on various fora and found reports of similar problems and various suggested solutions. One of the solutions was to switch the mouse off and remove the dongle from the laptop before booting. Then log in. The wait (at least) 10 seconds before switching on the mouse and plugging in the dongle.

This seems to work most of the time, but has failed to work at least once.

I have seen a posting (David Gatrell, 2012-06-23) to the effect that

"This is really more a duplicate of bug #958174, which is still open."

But as far as I can discern there has been no "activity" on this bug since the given date. And I'm not sure that this applies to Mint 13 (or only to "real" Ubuntu (12.04? 12.10?).

Has anyone any ideas as to how I can get reliable performance out of this cordless mouse?

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Oops, you shouldn't have mentioned Mint :) It's off-topic here. Maybe try ? – Sergey Oct 23 '12 at 1:50

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