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Since I've updated to 12.10 I'm having a very bizarre behavior when running IntelliJ.

Notice how the "File" menu is 2/3 of the screen down instead of where it's supposed to be? This is the case when I activate it using the mouse or the Alt+F hot key.

I am using a dual screen setup. IntelliJ is currently maximized on screen 2, and a console is maximized on screen 1.

The behavior isn't consistent, but if I use it long enough (a few hours) I usually observe it.

The only non-standard plugin I have is IdeaVM. 2 part question. 1. Has anyone else observed this behavior in IntelliJ or other apps? 2. Any suggestions on how to fix it.

Screenshot of behavior

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See for the details and possible workarounds (also check the linked issues). – CrazyCoder Oct 22 '12 at 22:57
Thanks @CrazyCoder. – csgeek Nov 13 '12 at 18:33 is the closest I found to a fix, which involves reverting to Oracle JDK's 1.6.

My problem also doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes a restart of intelliJ makes the issue go away for a period.

Either ways, it's a bug, and I hope IntelliJ fixes it at some point. It doesn't seem to be Ubuntu specific.

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Latest version of IntelliJ fixes this behavior. At least it works for me on

Ubuntu 12.10 amd64, using oracle's java 7

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