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Odd but extremely frustrating bug! When the pointer is over any open window the page scrolls all the way to the top. If I want to remain at the current location of the page, application, or document, I need to move the pointer off to the side. This occurs when using text editor, chrome, firefox, and terminal.

I have done some troubleshooting to following extent: I have Windows 7 installed along side Ubuntu 12.04 and this issue does not occur within the Windows OS; I have turned off touchpad scrolling options, and I have utilized a mouse instead of the touchpad. For these reasons I do not believe it is related to the arrow key but an issue with the pointer or touchpad driver possibly?

One other odd note is that when I start up there is usually no issue for at least a few minutes, sometimes as long as 30 minutes, other times immediately.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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