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I uninstalled the transformation pack, but the bootsplash didn't reverted back to default Ubuntu. T_T

I tried to do the manual terminal changing of it, and it worked halfway. The bootscreen when booting is still the (although awesome, I need to change) windows logo. But when shutting down or restarting, it worked.

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You have to change default plymouth theme manually. You can do this by typing sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth in terminal and choose the number, where the /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.plymouth is(this is the default ubuntu plymouth theme). Now type sudo update-initramfs -u in terminal and you have the default plymouth theme back.

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I tried that, to no avail, the bootscreen is still the windows animation, but when shutting down, it did changed. – Rek Jan 8 '11 at 0:37
Hm, try sudo update-initramfs -c -k all. – htorque Jan 8 '11 at 0:44

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