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I tried executing the command git push gerrit HEAD: refs/for/BR_PS_1109

It gave the response: fatal: remote part of refspec is not a valid name in HEAD:

Git remote version is also fine, as evident below:-

vverma@l-vverma:~/git_repo/nextag$ git remote -v
gerrit  ssh://vverma@gerrit.corp.nextag.com:29418/apps/nextag (fetch)
gerrit  ssh://vverma@gerrit.corp.nextag.com:29418/apps/nextag (push)
origin  git@ind-git.corp.nextag.com:apps/nextag (fetch)
origin  git@ind-git.corp.nextag.com:apps/nextag (push)
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You have a space between HEAD: and refs/for/BR_PS_1109 which souldn't be there. Remove the space and it should work:

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/BR_PS_1109

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