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When updating to 12.10 I got a message to say I had insufficient room in root to write Grub (sorry I forgot to write the exact message down). It then just kept cycling around when I click on the close button, trying to write and saying insufficient room.

I opened terminal to delete some files from root but just kept getting a message to say another program was prevent this, I then tried Synaptic and the same.

I then generated a live CD in the hope I could boot from it and then try an installation which I did but of course I got a fatal error no doubt due to the lack of room in Root.

My problem is that I assume if I delete some of the previous versions of Linux from Root I will be OK but have booted from Live CD I seem to be stuck with a lack of knowledge.

I have the right area mounted I believe from Nautilus as the file names look good but how do I delete them?

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Try to open nautilus as a root.gksudo nautilus BE CAREFUL in what you delete. It can brake your system and make it unusable. –  NikTh Oct 22 '12 at 9:37
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