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I added recently purachased a reliance net connect broadband+. It has both balance and validity.

I connected it. It was detected.

I added a new mobile broadband connection. Chose the details properly

I edited the connection and provided user name and password

But it consistently fails to connect. I get an error that says there is some internal error with /usr/sbin/modem-manager but I am not able to figure out what is wrong.

Then I gave up and tried the instruction here. That is not working either. I am lost. Has anybody set up this model on Ubuntu 12.04?

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I have also got a Reliance Netconnect connection and mobile broadband support in linux via Network Manager is at best buggy. You could try using wvdial instead. Go through the following posts, you may need to change a couple of settings namely the username and password that Reliance gives you.

  1. Netconnect over wvdial
  2. Ubuntuformus post

Hope this helps, if you want further clarifications feel free to ask.

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