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With Evolution 3.6 on Ubuntu 12.10 all the email messages have grey backgrounds in the default theme (and every other one that I have tried). When using grey or black text, which is standard in most themes, the grey background makes it quite hard to read email messages.

Is there a way to correct this behaviour, i.e. have a white background on emails in Evolution as in former version of Ubuntu?

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Well I have answered my own question (again). To correct this frankly stupid behaviour by Evolution one needs to go to


Inside that folder there should be a file called gtk.css, if not create it.

Add these lines to the file:

/* Black on white for HTML messages in Evolution Reader/Composer */
EMailView WebKitWebView, EMailReader WebKitWebView {
    color: #000000;
    background-color: #ffffff;

That's it. Regardless of theme email backgrounds will now be white as oppose to grey.

Taken from this thread on Launchpad

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