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I followed the instructions for the Ubuntu windows installer on my Sony Vaio laptop (model SVT131A11M). Upon restart I was prompt to choose the OS for boot (Win7 or Ubuntu), but then I shut down the machine and from the next boot, every time I choose to boot into Ubuntu, the GNU GRUB terminal appears with a grub> prompt.

Now I'm able to boot into Win7, but can't boot into Ubuntu properly. Why does it happen and how come I was able to start Ubuntu successfully the first time?

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Download Boot Repair and run it, it will restore your grub file. For more details see:

Additional reference: i cant find grub page in my laptop

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What tipe of partition directory did U made ntfs or ext4 for Ubuntu ? It's important because when U use Ubuntu in dual boot with windows it's indicated to make it ntfs so that u can run Ubuntu alongside with windows .

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