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I have a CSV file written by a python script of mine. I want to make a shell script that opens the file in read-only mode, which I have done.

libreoffice --view ~/Documents/timeclock.csv

My problem is that every time I open it, the Text Input dialog opens. This is an example of what the file looks like. It's semicolon separated. How can I get libreoffice to either use pre-set settings, or command line arguments?


=DATE(2012,10,13);=TIME(10,21,56);=TIME(18,45,27);=ABS(INDIRECT("B" & ROW()) - INDIRECT("C" & ROW()))*24
=DATE(2012,10,21);=TIME(10,23,16);=TIME(17,17,12);=ABS(INDIRECT("B" & ROW()) - INDIRECT("C" & ROW()))*24
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with UNO you can set the filter options. With that you can write e.g. a StarBasic macro. helps you with that.

You should be able to run such a macro from the commandline:

Another alternative is using Python/PyUno, Java or C++.

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