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(Reference needed) I'm planning on buying a GTX 660, but I had bad experiences with the 560 SE. So, if you have a 660 and it works well/bad with the ubuntu-provided nVidia driver, please just give a short judgment (good/bad basically). Can you get the 32bit openGL to work? I want to run POL.


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New Linux Ubuntu user here. I have a GTX 660 newly installed. I am currently working on updating the default Nouveau drivers to NVidia provided ones.

This link has been helpful:

Does the card work with the Ubuntu provided drivers? Yes and no. As for the desktop interface including internet folders etc. yeah there was an instant increase in resolution once I installed the Video Card. However, when I went to play a game, it was incredibly choppy. The default driver (Nouveau) provides lower frame rates for many of the 3D acceleration tasks games require. I'm kind of a noob I don't know, but I hope this helps.

In conclusion, if you're going to get a GTX 660 with Ubuntu, and want to play games (especially newer games), I believe you are going to want to install the proprietary nVidia driver.

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Thank you Mr. Stephen Myall for correcting any incorrect information I was unsure about (: – Justin Nov 25 '12 at 4:59

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