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I've been using a external 21.5' monitor for my laptop of 12.1' monitor, and moved my top panel to the right and add a new panel to the bottom edge of the screen. A screenshot of the right part of my desktop:

alt text

As you see, The window of the calender is out of the screen. The alt+left mouse button did not work. How do you move the calender window?

update: I managed to come up with a solution to get the window or panel of cal in the screen. Just remove the panel of clock and re-add it. But unfortunately, the preferences are lost. You have to reset the preferences, such as locations...

but after re-adding 2 locations, the window of cal panel was just shown as the same of the previous screenshot before.

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Right Click on the Date/Time, and Move. Now the Popup will come to the location where you have put your date/time.

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yes. but it will only move the part on the taskbar, not the calender part – draw Jan 9 '11 at 8:37

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