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I have project created in Impress which is created in a local language. Today when I open it what I could see is:
Screen shot

When I open with the settings what I could see is Writer is opening which is complete of the symbol "#".
Screenshot 2

How can I recover my project?

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Even I face this issue. So every time I want to work on a power point presentation I have to switch to windows. Hope the answer will help me as well. – Shagun Oct 21 '12 at 9:07

Libre Office shouldn't open an impress file in Writer, but in its own Impress. As such: Try to force it to open through Impress (via context menu or the Ctrl+O dialogue on Impress).

If that doesn't work, it's either an issue with the file extension or the collation you used, in which case we'd need more information on the file(s) in question.

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It looks to me like your presentation is corrupted. If you still have a copy of the version of that you used, you can try to open it in there. If it opens fine, export it to ppt format (Microsoft Office 2003).

Do not try to save it from within Writer. If Impress will not open the file, then for sure your file has become corrupted.

To be sure, you can rename the file so that the file extension is .zip, and open it with Archive Manager. This will tell you if the file is corrupted (at the level of the compressed file) or if it is corruption in the xml files.

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