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Login screen won’t accept my password

I just installed Ubuntu in dual boot with windows 7.. I'm new to ubuntu so i found it very hard to install nvdia drivers for my nvdia graphic card.. I tried following some guides, with no luck and now my ubuntu login screen is stuck in a bootloop. It asks for my username password, i enter it correctly, then a black screen appers and quickly returns me back to the login windows asking me for my password again and again. How to resolve this issue?

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Sorry i meant 12.04 LTS –  user99422 Oct 21 '12 at 8:56

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I am a non-technical person and there are still problems but atleast i got may data back.. I downloaded and installed gnome. During the installation, it asked me to choose a default display manager; either lightdm or gdm since both were running. I chose lightdm. After installing gnome i switched successfully to another user (from guest where i was stuck) using gnome no effects. The other gnome shells (or whatever they are called) were not working and at the time i did not chose ubuntu (refers to unity). Then i switched to another user this time with unity and it worked. For the non-technical people like me, use su to install stuff in guest user terminal until the technical people work out a proper solution.

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