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I recently switched my old 2006 I believe MacBook to Ubuntu because I wanted to try it out for a couple of things. I decided to reformat since I didn't have the space to dual-boot, but now when I want Snow Leopard back for my MacBook it doesn't let me install. It asks what disk I want to install to, but none show up. Any help? Thanks.

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You have to format your HD back to HFS+ first, thats the filesystem OS X needs to be installed on, you can do this using the installation disk.

So after booting from cd just click on Utilities on the top tabs, select Disk utility and reformat your HD to Mac OS Extened Journaled

after this is done you'll be able to install OS X again.

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You need to have either a Linux Live CD like System Rescue CD or Ubuntu Desktop CD to boot and reformat the HDD (gparted is a good GUI tool) to HFS+ so as to install OS X (10.6). Otherwise if you have a OS X 10.6 Install DVD, you can boot (press option) with the install DVD and use the Disk Utility to delete the Linux partitions (or LVM stuff) and recreate partitions, reformat as HFS+, then install on the desired partition.

If you just want to try something out on Linux, running it as guest OS using VirtualBox may be a better/free option;-)

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You should first boot from Live CD and there format with gparted, then install OSX again.

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