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I just switched from Arch Linux to Ubuntu 10.10. I'm running the Fluxbox window manager, and I use xlockmore to lock my screen with the following key shortcut:

192   :Exec xlock-mode marquee +usefirst -icongeometry 240x240 -message "back in a minute..."

The problem I'm having is that xlock is definitely not using my first key as part of my password. Instead, it uses some randomized fade pattern to fade to the password screen. I find this highly annoying, as when I get back to my desk and start entering my password it doesn't register password characters until the fade pattern is complete.

I've also tried the following modifications with no difference:

192 :Exec xlock -mode marquee -usefirst -icongeometry 240x240 -message "back in a minute..."

192 :Exec xlock -mode marquee -icongeometry 240x240 -message "back in a minute..."

The first example worked flawlessly on Arch. Does Ubuntu have some sort of system default that you can't override on the command-line?

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I've just tried both your first example (the one with +usefirst) and the second one (the one with -usefirst); the first one didn't use the first key, but the second one did. This is in 11.04, which has version 1:5.31-1, so maybe it's that; just in case, I dumped it into my junk ppa (ppa:chipaca/junk) and it's building for maverick right now.

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Let me know if that works out. I'm not averse to building from source. And I didn't check versions or anything, but it's highly likely that the version I got from Arch was newer than what 10.10 is using... – alesplin Jan 7 '11 at 20:49
@alesplin the .deb built, so please go ahead and test it on Maverick. If you'd rather not add the ppa, download the packages manually. – Chipaca Jan 8 '11 at 3:13
thanks. I'll install it first thing when I get to work on Monday. – alesplin Jan 8 '11 at 23:41

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