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I have numerous motion detector photos (JPGs) I copy to a DVD every day. I would like to copy the file name, original creation date and time of each of these photos and then extract this information to a spreadsheet to do analysis.

Any help appreciated. Am a new user to Ubuntu 12.04. Thanks.

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Exiftool (libimage-exiftool-perl Install libimage-exiftool-perl)

With this powerfull comand line tool we can manipulate and extract EXIF information of a high variety of files (see here fo all options).

To extract filename and date of all images in a directory in CSV format we may issue

exiftool -csv -r -filename -dateTimeOriginal /full/path/to/directory > output.csv


exiftool -T -r -filename -dateTimeOriginal /full/path/to/directory > output.txt

for text format. Of course we can also browse for all other EXIF tags available.

Install via the software center

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First go to the directory where all your files are stored and then use this command at the terminal:

ls -lrt | awk '{print $9","$6","$7","$8}' > myfile.csv

It will create your excel file with file name myfile.csv and the order will be fileName createdMonth dayofMonth time.

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