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I'm trying to get a 'show desktop' shortcut to work, so I'm using 'hide all windows' shortcut to show the desktop. But after it hides the windows, I can no longer alt-tab through them, and I have to manually click on the unity bar to get back.

I would like alt-tab to switch through all of the applications open in my current workspace (including hidden ones)

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From what I can infer, I think you have configured in such a way that minimized windows will not show in the application switcher.

Install compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager and go to Ubuntu Unity plugin:

Ubuntu unity plugin

Navigate to switcher tab and check the option Show minimized windows in switcher.

Alt-tab setting

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Wow, compizconfig can do anything! – StuartHa Oct 22 '12 at 4:53
This entry doesn't appear in CCSM in 15.04/Vivid Vervet, at least on my installation. Are there any alternatives to using CCSM? Is there a settings file or other power user tweak that controls this setting? (I've tried the "Window Manager Tweaks" utility mentioned in ponsfrilus's answer, the utility doesn't start on my system.) I want to exclude minimized windows from the switcher, similar to OSX/Mac behavior -- this is not the case on my system, all windows are shown, minimized or not. – Inactivist Jan 10 at 16:50

Same possibility with Windows Manager Tweaks, as in the picture bellow.

Windows Manager Tweaks

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