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I Just tried to install Ubuntu 12.10 by using USB device. I used universal usb installer to make my pen drive boot-able. But I am getting this error always.enter image description here

I already have 12.04, but I want to replace it by 12.10.

Is there any other way to install Ubuntu 12.10 ??

Update: I tried with burning DVD, but getting same error. I don't have free space so I am unable to upgrade also, is there way to install without using Ubiquity?

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Try upgrading to ubuntu 12.10 using these instructions:… – Another Googler Oct 20 '12 at 15:13

First, check out if your ISO matches the MD5 Hash for 12.10. If so, use the Startup Disk Creator on 12.04 once again to put the ISO on the USB drive. You can also burn a DVD, or use the Software Updater, but if you know how to use the USB that is probably the best way.

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What did you selected in the beginning of the installer, when it asks how Ubuntu should be installed? (Install Ubuntu 12.10 next to 12.04 or Replace Ubuntu 12.04 with Ubuntu 12.10 or delete Ubuntu 12.04 and install Ubuntu 12.10 or Manually configure settings)

If you haven't yet selected the last one, you could try this. Then you can select a formatted partition on which you want to install Ubuntu 12.10.

If you've already tried this without success, try to use the default "usb-creator" instead for setting up your bootable USB-Device.

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