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After my yesterday upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 my laptop (Dell Vostro 3360) gets warm without the CPU fan cooling at all. At 75° C the fan seems to be off. This will result in serious problems wen running heavier processes such as video production.

Any suggestions what I can do to solve this?

Thanks :)

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possible duplicate:… it has great solutions. the last solution solved my heat problem which is to install Jupiter – Suhaib Oct 20 '12 at 15:11

Install drivers if available via Additional Drivers (previously called Hardware Drivers) which is now part of software applet interface.

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to turn on the fan click the power button(icon thing(top right)/suspend. turn computer back on,click switch user, then login and the fan should turn on and run normaly

this worked for me

ps. you have to do this every time u turn off your computer

sometimes you have to shutdown the computer and try again i have an acer aspire 5720z so it may not work

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