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I tried to upgrade Ubuntu to 12.04.1, but in the middle of the upgrade, something got borked, and now Ubuntu won't boot. When I try to run recovery mode, it says "Loading inital ramdisk" I'm dual-booting with Win7, so I made an Ubuntu Live-USB, but when I boot from it, I can't find my other (original) Ubuntu partition. What's going on, and how can I go about fixing this?

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Failed upgrade leads to missing/broken system files. The only way to fix them is to use a Ubuntu12.04.1 liveCD (or liveUSB), boot on it and follow:

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If the Ubuntu Partition is ext4/ext3, use Ext2Fsd to access the Ubuntu partition, and back up files you want. Then use a partition editor and delete the Ubuntu partition. Reboot. If you see GRUB Rescue, boot into a Ubuntu installation media, choose "Try Ubuntu", install Boot Repair, and run it. Those are the instructions. If you don't see GRUB Repair, then install Ubuntu (latest version), transfer any files you backed up, and you should be on your way.

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