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My computer is window 7 but I would like to try the Ubuntu so can I create another user to install the Ubuntu or just do like the tutorial in Wubi ?

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Hi and Welcome to AskUbuntu. It is not necessary to add another user in order to install Ubuntu via wubi. Just follow the WubiGuide. – NikTh Oct 20 '12 at 4:33

No, You can directly use the Live Session to Try the Ubuntu Os.

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Wubi is not suggested (exept some people who here to tell you different). Download the ISO file of your prefered version, 12.04 LTS or 12.10 (or earlier).

You can make a disc or a DOK (Disk On Key) by the guides here, and we can also help (: Boot from the disk/DOK and you will get to a menu with Options to try Ubuntu, install Ubuntu and more.


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