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If I installed Ubuntu from inside Windows, and now I want to uninstall it, what happen with the partition in my disk? will it be deleted?

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Wubi stores its data in one or more files. The file(s), which are as big as your installation, will be deleted. This will remove:

  • Your files in your home folder
  • Your Ubuntu programs, and any Windows programs you installed in Ubuntu using WINE.
  • If you are using SSH or PGP keys, they will be removed unless you make a backup.
  • The Ubuntu operating system, and its bootloader.
  • The loopback partition stored in the file for Wubi. It is important to note that this is a file with a "virtual" partition, not an actual partition on your disk.

These won't be destroyed:

  • Windows programs installed in Windows
  • Documents in your My Documents folder, or any documents/settings made on Windows. This includes, on Vista or higher, any files within your user's folder.
  • Windows itself.
  • The Windows bootloader.
  • Anything you put in /host on Ubuntu as that is just a reference to your Windows disk.
  • Your Windows partition or any other actual partitions on your disk.

Since you used Wubi, the disk space given to Ubuntu will be automatically reclaimed.

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I would say that nothing is going to happen, I believe you can go into that partition (through Windows) and just extend your primary partition therefore giving you that "space" back...what were you trying to do? Uninstall Ubuntu completely?

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The OP installed Ubuntu from within Windows and so has used Wubi. – hexafraction Oct 20 '12 at 0:16

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