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I can successful in my Geneious Pro software but when I am required to have FLEXnet installed for the licensing process.

The prompt I am given is :

To install FLEXnet on Linux, run the following command from your shell as root: /home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service/ "/home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service/linux64/FNPLicensingService" When you have done this, you can activate your license in Geneious.

As Root:

root@Jon:/home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service# sh Unable to locate anchor service to install, please specify correctly on command line


root@Jon:/home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service/linux64# sh FNPLicensingService FNPLicensingService: 2: FNPLicensingService: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

Anyone have further ideas? I tried to find the software online directly, that was no good either.


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You need to run the full command:

/home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service/ "/home/shep/Geneious/licensing_service/linux64/FNPLicensingService"

note that the bit in quotes is a parameter to the shell script.

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