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I have a bluetooth mouse connected to my laptop.

Much to my delight (I posted the suggestion!) the mouses battery is now displayed along side the laptop's battery.

Unfortunately is is named simply "battery" in the drop down and "Laptop battery" once the power statistics windows is opened. The details of this battery correctly say that the model is a Lenovo Bluetooth Mouse, but it is still displayed as a "battery" and "laptop battery".

Is there anyway to change this?


Plus the "Show time in menu bar" shows the mouse's remaining battery percentage as opposed to the laptop battery's remaining time.

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I believe this is LP bug #1066208: power indicator shows a mouse battery as a laptop battery‌​. As per the FAQ, I'm voting-to-close this question for this being a bug. – gertvdijk Jan 26 '13 at 21:34

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if upower -d shows the name of the device correctly then fill a bug against the icon tool that shows the battery status. I recently added the support for the kernel to report that info, it seems user interfaces might need more polishing now.

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