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Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. wicd iPhone 4s with iOS 6. When I connect the iPhone I see it as a camera. I can share the WiFi hotspot (of course possible even without connecting it).

dmesg shows:

[  594.800847] usb 1-1.2: new high-speed USB device number 7 using
ehci_hcd [  594.943719] ipheth 1-1.2:4.2: Apple iPhone USB Ethernet
device attached

ifconfig shows eth1 (have got eth0, wlan0 and l0).

But how do I make wicd connect to it?

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Open the Wicd interface and press the arrow on the right.
Then hit "Preferences." Under "Wired interface" put eth1 and wicd will be able to connect.

Also you do not really need wicd for hardwired interfaces, just use dhclient to get an ip address:

$ sudo dhclient -v eth1
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