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When I execute sudo update-manager -d I see a button to upgrade to 12.10.
But when I execute sudo tsocks update-manager -d, I don't see an option to upgrade to 12.10.
I can't execute sudo tsocks release-upgrade. This commands says there is new ubuntu release.

Why could this happen?
By the way, I am running ubuntu 12.04.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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sudo -s
tsocks update-manager -d

This still won't show the upgrade, but there's nothing funny going on with command line parameters. There must be a problem with using socks and update-manager.

See bug

I suspect upgrading this way might have been intentionally disabled because it fails later on, in the middle of the upgrade, which is bad.

I suggest to download the 12.10 ISO and upgrade using it, ie an offline upgrade.

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