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Recently I've had problems connected to an Exchange server configured with IMAP. The configuration used to work until the system updated to 16.0.1. - now I get: "Connection to Server XXX timed out error" each time I connect.

Although I sit behind a proxy, Thunderbird has no problems finding extensions or add-ons (which suggests that the internet works) and I have tested the IMAP server with an earlier version of Thunderbird (3.x) on Windows and got lots of e-mail which suggest the server works.

Is anyone else having this problem or if not are there any tips for generating more information on the situation?

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So to answer my own question. After more testing I can connect to the IMAP server with almost anything except the machine in question behind the proxy...

So it looks like a local configuration or network problem rather than a problem with Thunderbird.

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To help Answer your question, Oddly enough it helps to set the system proxy, but then in Thunderbird itself go to:

Edit> Preferences> Advanced> Network> Connections> and set Thunderbird to use NO PROXY

For some reason... it works... here is the link to where I found it

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