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Compiling is easy but when using java to run the programs, it gives Exception found. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 without internet connections. Also, installed Oracle JDK7 and JRE7. Also did the update-alternatives command on java, javac and javaws. Changed the machine java in /etc/profiles. PATH is pointing to oracle java folder. I did many searches on Google about this topic but each time jdk and jre version are different. Also check version of jdk and jre using java -version and javac - version. Both of them are the same. The system also contains OpenJdk6 and OpenJdk7.

So, how do I remove these errors? Java runs small programs but when using RMI gives this error.

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Seems you compile then run you code with different JDK/JRE versions: if compiling with JDK7, don't run with a JRE6 for example.

See this thread on or this question on Stack Overflow for a detailed answer.

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