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Good day,

I have set up an ubuntu 10.04 LTS server with RAID 1. How can I can ensure that I am warned when the raid array fails. Is there a script to run that can check this and generate an email if there are issues?


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mdadm automatically sends root an email when a fault happens. You just have to have a mail server, such as postfix installed on the server and configured to store or forward root's mail somewhere you will read it.

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Check if your disk is smartmon compliant by # smartctl -i /dev/hda

Then install smartmon # apt-get install smartmontools

Enable smart by editing /etc/default/smartmontools file. Smart Configuration file: /etc/smartd.conf Start/Stop smart: /etc/init.d/smartmontools start | stop

You can put following directives in Smart Configuration file: (a) Send an email to for /dev/sdb:

/dev/sdb -m

(b) Read error log: # smartctl -l error /dev/hdb

(c) Testing hard disk (short or long test): # smartctl -t short /dev/hdb

# smartctl -t long /dev/hdb

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Doesn't that require a postfix installation and further configuration? I remember it being a pain in the a.., but if it's running it can be a lifesaver – Sentry Oct 18 '12 at 15:49

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