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I used geany and g++ on Ubuntu, they were working just fine.

But now I just installed Kubuntu, and geany just doesn't work as usual. Geany builds and compiles with g++, but it cannot run the file. What I see is a blank console screen every time I ran a cxx file.

Geany commands:

compile : g++ -Wall -c "%f"
build : g++ -Wall -o "%e" "%f"
excute : "./%e"
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i have same problem have you figured it out or not?? – SidhuHarry Nov 3 '12 at 19:14

I am not sure how old the post is, but here's a solution to the KDE compilation issue. I, too, was faced with this problem. I just went to the Geany website and checked the documentation for a solution.

To save you the trouble of searching, I am going to post the way to fix the problem here.

  1. Go to Edit and click on Preferences.

  2. Select the Tools tab and enter the following command in the field Terminal:

    urxvt -e sh -c


konsole -e sh -c

or (in case the above failed)

konsole --workdir . -e sh 

I tried this and it worked for me.

I really love the Geany IDE and didn't want to part with it, especially on KDE which I also favor.


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