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I installed Backtrack 5 from a Live CD yesterday and while installing, i closed my laptop to let it run while I sleep. But then I remembered my friend told me the plastic of his computer melted this way, so i opened it again. It put it on power save, and somehow the installation was interrupted. The day after, I tried again and this time it worked. Now, I have a GRUB Menu With Win7 and twice the Ubuntu + Safe mode or whatever it's called. How can I remove the failed installation without deleting Win7 or the successful installation? Normally I would use EasyBCD and delete the partitions, but this time I couldn't start Backtrack then.

Thanks in advance Bernard

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Reboot machine with Windows 7.

Right click on my computer

Choose Manage

Choose disk management from left Pen under storage Tab.

Delete partition of back track

Reinstall grub bootloader using this post.

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