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How do I see which apps are running? I'd like to see what's running in the panel and not let go of the mouse to use a keyboard shortcut. Can Unity be configured?

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In Unity there are admittedly subtle but clearly visible indicators on the Launcher that show a running application, and the active window:

Screenshot showing launcher indicators

In addition, in 11.04 and above, when there are multiple windows for that app you will see multiple pips (2, or 3 for 3-or-more windows).

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If I understand you mean well, you can command top to see what the program running.

terminal ->top
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Also try htop, it provides much clearer output and it's interface is much more user-friendly. –  Rafał Cieślak Mar 11 '12 at 22:08

You can also see what applications are running with system monitor.

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Use the System Monitor. Go to "view" and tick on "All processes" and "Dependencies" If you want a windows like process explorer then you can use "linux process explorer"

Download Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/procexp/


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